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  • create a suited business plan designed to gain traction in the Canadian marketplace
  • implement strategies that are key to growing your market share
  • identify end-users and distributors that fit your overall sales and marketing plan
  • solidify relationships with all stakeholders at all levels
  • develop sales approaches that will impact the decision making process
  • challenge the status quo by differentiating your products and services from competitors



Product Lines Market Challenger Inc. Represents

Manufacturer of automatic power off electrical timers designed to eliminate dead batteries and extend battery life

Manufacturer of emergency lighting:

VIVIOX’s Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are designed with a unique heat management system. Whereas other lights burnout quickly from the heat they generate, ours last longer. Our products were created to be superior in everyway: we only use Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) complaint LEDs, and meet or exceed internationally recognized SAE standards. VIVIOX products also pass our own tough standards. These lights are truly built to last.

Manufacturer of LED lighting for heavy-duty trucks, automobiles and trailers; interior and exterior warning signal lighting; other high intensity area lighting, worklights and off-road vehicle driving lights

Manufacturer of Inmate Transport Systems, E/Z Rider K-9 Containers, K-9 Training Aids, Explosive, Contraband Containment, Animal Control Systems and Cam-Locker Toolboxes and Vaults

Manufacturer of LED portable emergency lighting designed for safety, security, emergency warning, signaling and portable illumination

Manufacturers of push bumpers, brush guards, partitions, AEDEC prisoner seating and dual gun racks for the Ford Interceptor Sedan, Ford Interceptor Utility, Chevrolet Tahoe and Dodge Charger